Baritone Richard to Haan Perform at Prague Spring

Haan is a regular guest at the State Opera House. He has portrayed many roles on that stage, primarily from the Italian repertoire - Nabucco, Rigoletto and the prefect Scarpia in Tosca are among the real treats he has to offer. In these roles his sonorous and clear voice shone out, having a pleasant timbre and a wide range of expression. There are few operas with a baritone part so extensive and difficult to sing as the Le Juif Polonais. But Richard Haan has already shown that he can pull it off – he gives an outstanding performance particularly in the long operatic monologue in the second act.

Rovnost - 22.5. 2001

The Flying Dutchman Back in Brno

Richard Haan has established on of his principal title roles. His Dutchman is fascinating from the first moment to the last thanks to his mysteriousness. It is an elusive, fleeting, mysteriousness, which attracts women irresistibly and inescapably. Richard Haan is the embodiment of this kind of indivisibility.

Rovnost - J.Bártová

An Audience Left Breathless

Richard Haan in the role of Jochanaan, one of the tasks for which he is perfectly suited both in terms of voice and acting, and one in which he has unfurled the tremendous range of his art as a singer.

Rovnost - Jindra Bártová – October 17, 2000

José Cura in the State Opera House: Othello without Compromises

...years of experience with the character of Jago has paid off for Richard Haan, whose outstanding vocal condition made him a remarkably distinguished opponent for José Cura.

Operaplus – January 2015

Richard Haan’s Life is a Tale of Tenacity and Fortitude

Our leading baritone has conquered the English Chanel on his fourth attempt. Audiences know him as the diabolical schemer Jago, or the depraved chief of police Scarpia. Most recently he has excelled in the role of Sebastian in d´Albert’s Tiefland.

Helena Havlíková - March 2011

Verdi’s Othello in Litomyšl

Among the significant characters of the work is Richard Haan’s Jago. His Jago is at an impressive level vocally, all over the beautifully covered tones of the higher pitches are put across convincingly and inspiringly in the large space. Jago’s creed sounded veracious in expression, the highest tones of fis and f were penetrative! Haan is truly outstanding in his grasp of Jago’s character.

Operaplus - Jiří Fuks - 16.6. 2013